At BrandCharge, we believe that creativity is an adventure, a discovery of the world around us. Turn back the clock to the days when every drawing was worthy of hanging on the fridge and every Play-Doh sculpture was considered high art—a time when creativity knew no constraints. We try to unleash that same mindset today in a way that taps into the inner child in all of us. That’s why we acknowledge that the best idea, or the right approach, is only a word, a question or a conversation away.

Based on experience, we know that this is best accomplished through the process of generating ideas. So we ask plenty of questions, seek answers, encourage participation, evaluate strategies—and listen carefully to what you have to say. It’s critical that we fully understand the problem before we can solve it, so we invite you to participate in the discussion. Our goal is to evoke a reaction or to produce a response. In the end, we create results. And those results are designed to change behavior.